The Benefits of an Open, Rather than Traditional, MRI

Facilities all across the country will perform thousands of MRI scans each day.  While many of these facilities continue to use the more traditional, closed MRI scanners, more and more places are now choosing to go with open scanners. 

What is an Open Scanner?

MRI stands for magnetic resonance imaging.  This is a method of safely getting extremely accurate images of a patient’s body.  Originally, patients would have to go inside of the scanner in order for doctors to get an image.  However, the open mri scanner allows a quality image to be created without the patient having to enter the scanner completely.

What are the Benefits?

An open MRI scan is far less invasive than the closed MRI scan.  By its very design, patients are able to feel a whole lot more comfortable and a lot less restricted during the procedure.  This is because, rather than their entire bodies being placed inside a tight machine, the scan occurs in an open space.

Perfect for Many Different Body Types

Different patients have different body types, which is why the open MRI is so much more convenient than the traditional MRI.  Whether a patient is tall or short, small or large, the open MRI can accommodate them while never making them feel uncomfortable.

open mri scanner

The Wave of the Future

As stated previously, more and more facilities are choosing to go with the open MRI instead of the traditional MRI.  This is because patient comfort is important to them, and there is no MRI machine that can provide a variety of patients with more comfort than the open MRI.

If you run a medical imaging facility that still uses a traditional MRI machine, it might be time to consider replacing it with an open MRI machine.