Consumer Li-ion Battery

Short Description:

High performance Li-ion batteries

Flexible in size & customization

The high voltage range: 4.2-4.50V max;

High energy density: 550Wh/L-850Wh/L

Long cycle life: >500cycles

Excellent performance in Low temperature(-40deg.C)

High safety and stable performance at high temperature(up to 80deg.C)


Product Detail

Product Tags

Higher battery capacity for longer working time in terminal applications;

The capacity retention of 4.40V - 4.48V system remains more than 80% after 1000 cycles;

The capacity retention of 4.50V system remains more than 80% after 800 cycles;

High-temperature floating charge at 45℃ can be maintained over 90 days; Interval cycle at 45℃ can be maintained over 136 days; Trickle cycle can be maintained over 1200 cycles.

The small lithium-ion battery market is used in electronic atomizers, smart bracelets, smart watches, smart speakers, portable photo printers, stylus pens, tablets, POS machines, etc.

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