lithium battery

  • Custom Lithium battery CP902530LT

    Custom Lithium battery CP902530LT

    The effective storage life of lithium-manganese battery is over 10 years, and the annual self-discharge rate is less than 2% per year. The products are mainly suitable for intelligent instruments, automation equipment, security, GPS, RFID device, smart cards, oil fields, and various Internet of Things related products.

  • Li-MnO2 CP503638P-2P

    Li-MnO2 CP503638P-2P

    1. Model:CP503638-2P,3000mAh, 3.0V

    2. Nominal voltage 3.0V; cut-off voltage 2.0V

    3. Maximum pulse current: 300mA, varies according to pulse characteristics and application scene environment. Please consult KEEPON ​​for details.

    4. Rated Capacity: 3000mAh

    5. Operating temperature: -20° C to 60° C

    6. Storage temperature: -5° C to 35° C