Cylindrical Li-Ion Batteries

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Excellent low self – discharge system developed for cylindrical battery applications;

Over 95% capacity residual after 12 months storage at 25℃;

Over 92% capacity residual after 12 months storage at 45℃, and about 82% after 12 months storage at 60℃.

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Introducing our cylindrical lithium batteries

At our company, we take pride in offering high-quality cylindrical lithium batteries that are specifically designed to meet the power needs of a variety of portable electronic devices. These batteries are known for their excellent features and numerous benefits.

Our cylindrical lithium batteries are composed of positive electrode material, separator paper, electrolyte and aluminum-plastic composite tube casing. This composition ensures high safety and stability of our batteries, making them resistant to overcharging and high temperatures. Additionally, these batteries are long-lasting, reliable and durable.

One of the key features of our cylindrical lithium batteries is their excellent energy density. Our batteries have rated energy densities between 300 and 500Wh/kg, providing ample power for your devices. In addition, their specific power exceeds 100W, enabling efficient power transmission.


The construction of our cylindrical lithium batteries is carefully designed to ensure optimal performance. Each battery consists of a casing, a cover, positive and negative electrodes, a separator and an electrolyte. The battery casing is made of nickel-plated steel and acts as the negative electrode, while the lid acts as the positive electrode. This design optimizes the conductive connections within the battery, making it suitable for applications requiring high currents, such as cell phones, digital cameras, laptops, car starters and power tools.

Speaking of advantages, our cylindrical lithium batteries have many advantages. Not only is the production process highly mature, the PACK cost is low, the battery yield is high, and the heat dissipation performance is excellent. The cylindrical shape provides a large specific surface area and enhances the heat dissipation effect.

Additionally, our cylindrical batteries are sealed and require no maintenance during use. Additionally, their battery casings are highly voltage resistant, preventing any swelling issues that might occur with prismatic or soft-packed batteries.

In summary, our cylindrical lithium batteries are a reliable and efficient power solution for your portable electronic devices. With their exceptional features and numerous benefits, you can trust our batteries to deliver the power you need, ensuring a seamless user experience. Choose our cylindrical lithium batteries and you won't be disappointed.

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