Fast Charge Batteries

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Targeted at consumer electronics, adopts special material systems and processes for the fast charge;

Drastically reduces charging time reducing downtime of electronics;

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1.5C charging system:

1.5C charging rate — 23mins, capacity ≥50%; 40mins, capacity≥85%;

2C-3C charging systems:

2C charging rate — 20mins, capacity ≥60%; 30mins, capacity ≥80%;

3C charging rate— 15mins, capacity ≥60%; 20mins, capacity ≥80%;

5C charging system:

5C charging rate -- 10mins, capacity ≥80%;

10C charging system:

10C charging rate -- 10mins, capacity ≥98%;

Cycle life up to 800 cycles.

Customized flexible sizes;

Safe and reliable battery pack design;

Fast charge capabilities: Can support 3C-5C;

Strong discharge performances at high and low temperatures;

Leading edge energy density;

Steady performance throughout cycle life;

Customized  (1)

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